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Research Report

The Future of Mobility in the Enterprise

Enterprise mobility is an increasingly important part of business. Don’t just take our word for it—download this report and find out the results of a recent survey conducted to assess the impact of enterprise mobility based on input from technology leaders. The report provides valuable insight into the benefits of mobility, challenges enterprise organizations face when implementing mobile solutions, and trends to watch out for.

Research-based insights on the future of enterprise mobility: 

  • Research-based insights on the future of enterprise mobility:  60 percent of respondents rank enterprise mobility on their top-three list of priorities
  • 82 percent of the surveyed IT executives say that enterprise mobility will be an important part of their IT strategy in the next several years
  • Just 8 percent of respondents have a fully-developed mobile strategy

About Enterprise Mobility

Enterprise Mobile, a business unit of Honeywell (NYSE: HON), is a leading provider of mobility-as-a-service, making it simple and affordable to keep up with the quickly evolving mobile marketplace. Enterprise Mobile draws on its deep mobility expertise and best practices in every facet of mobile managed services, from planning and application development to management, support, and optimization.